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Review policies

Unless otherwise noted, all reviews are based on offically-released games, and not preview releases of any kind. Review copies provided by publishers may be used, but the availability of such will not influence game reviews and scores. scores on a five star scale, reflecting its origins in Giant Bomb user reviews. It should be taken as an at-a-glance view, and largely reflects the reviews overall feel towards the game.

To quote Giant Bomb (c. 2012), this is a rough guide to what a review score means:

*****While we don't believe any game is perfect, we recommend this game without reservation

****Still very good and easy to recommend, though it doesn't quite live up to its full potential

***The halfway point. An inherent appreciation of this game's specific gameplay style, characters, subject matter, and so on may play as big a role in your enjoyment as the actual quality of the game

**This game's problems outweigh its good qualities

*This game will make you wish you had died in a fire moments before turning it on

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